Phoenix EAA EVent Photos

100-Mile EV Rally (4/20/13)
100-Mile EV Rally (5/6/12)
Biosphere II Earth Day Event (4/21/12)
Be Green & Be Healthy Fair (4/21/12)
NEDRA (Rained Out) EV Races (4/14/12)
Tempe Green Business Expo (4/11/12)
Falcon Field Open House (3/31/12)
Revenge of the Electric Car (3/15/12)
GoE3 Fast Charger Event (3/4/12)
Carl Hayden Science Fair (3/3/12)
Revenge of the Electric Car (11/4/11)
Phoenix EAA 5th Annual EV Expo (3/19/11-3/20/11)
Green Fuel Charging Station (4/25/10)
Arizona National Guard Earth Day (4/20/10)
Phoenix EAA 4th Annual EV Expo (Spring 2010)
West Valley Home & Garden Show (3/5/10-3/7/10)
Motoring Through Time (2/6/10)
Tesla Roadster, Nissan LEAF (Winter '09/'10)
Phoenix EAA 3rd Annual EV Expo (Spring 2009)
Monthly Meeting (1/31/09)
APS Fiesta of Light Electric Light Parade (12/6/08)
Phoenix EAA 2nd Annual EV Expo (3/15/08-3/16/08)
APS Fiesta of Light Electric Light Parade (12/1/07)
Monthly Meeting (1/27/07)
Plug-in Hybrids Talk (1/13/07)
APS Fiesta of Light Electric Light Parade (12/2/06)
Men's Luxury Toy Expo (8/18/06-8/20/06)
APS Fiesta of Light Electric Light Parade (12/3/05)
Sun Festival Southwest (4/30/05-5/1/05)
Scottsdale Pavilions Car Show (3/26/05)
SRP Solar Spectacular (5/6/04-5/8/04)
Solfest Southwest (4/17/04-4/18/04)
APS Fiesta of Light Electric Light Parade (12/6/03)

Arizona EV Photo Album

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