1981 VW Rabbit Pickup
personal conversion
SOLD! ($8,000 on 2/1/15)

Placed in Service: March 1982
Motor Specifications: 9 diameter Advanced D.C. series-wound motor
Batteries: 130 V Lithium BMS 100 AH batteries
Controller: Raptor 600 amp,with Air Cond ducted and fan for cooling
Charger: onboard Zivan 240AC input J-1172 connector
Inverter/Converter: Sevcon 128 to 12 Vdc
Drivetrain: Factory 5 manual 5-speed transmission directly coupled to electric motor via adapters, rear wheel drive via factory drive shaft and differential
Range: 50-60 miles per charge
GVW: vehicle weight 2600 lbs original factory, now about 2700
Cooling/Heater: Electric Air Cond and 2 ceramic heaters
Charging Time: 3-4 hours on 240 VAC input at 20 amps
Economy: 400 WHrs/mile (estimated)

NOTES: Gene Comano drove this over 200K Electric Miles. Bill redid the suspension and interior. He also added cooling for the controller and batteries. Jim Stack added $3,000 in Lithium batteries.

This is an amazing vehicle updated to be like the LEAF and others in range with Lithium batteries.

Listed 7/15/14