1979 Fiat X1/9 Bertone
personal conversion
SOLD! ($5,000 on 7/31/14)

I bought this already converted to an EV. It has 32 LiON's for 102.4 Volts. I used it for in town commuting to and from work. When I got home I just plugged it into a 110 volt outlet in my garage and it was fully charged the next morning for my daily commute. It has an onboard charger and it's own retractable extension cord. It is very quiet and fun to drive. It is a real head turner. It has it's original 5 speed transmission, but it is clutchless. The top can be taken off by one person and can be placed in the front compartment where the batteries are. It has a custom interior and paint job. It has rack & pinion steering and 4-wheel disc brakes. I love passing the gas stations and seeing the prices climbing, while I just wave. I am located in Tucson, Arizona.

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Listed 6/29/14