Datsun Pickup
personal conversion
SOLD! (on ~ 9/1/13)

I have a 120VDC battery powered Datsun Pickup sitting in my yard and would like to make it available at a good price to someone who would Get it back in running condition. It has a good GE motor and will run at 70 MPH on the freeway using 20-6VDC 220 AH golf cart batteries. I would suggest the high capacity US batteries, such as the US 250HC or even the L16 HC to give greater range. The old batteries had a range of 20 miles but were a few years old when I got the truck. We bought a new controller for the vehicle and are looking for it in the warehouse. We have cabling for the batteries and can provide new cabling if the next larger size is desired. The truck needs to be detailed the camper top can be touched up.

Listed 02/02/13