1997 GMC Sonoma S-15
personal conversion
SOLD! ($9,000 on 3/9/12)

1997 GMC Sonoma 5speed manual converted to a plug-in electric OTR in may of 09. It will go 50+ miles on a charge. We drive it around town in 2nd gear up to 50mph and on the hiway up to 75mph in 3rd gear. The body and glass are in perfect condition. New 6ply tires on rear.

  • advance dc motor FBI-40018
  • curtus controller 1231c-8601
  • quick charge qpx-144-20, 20 amp 144 dc 230vac
  • first inertia switch
  • tilt bed
  • electric heater
  • 24 trojan T105 lead acid batteries