1999 Chevy S-10 Pickup
personal conversion
SOLD! (4/2011)

1999 Chevy S10 5-speed pickup meticulously converted to an electric plug-in. Virtually no use except for a few test drives. Arizona truck with no rust. Would make a great daily driver, especially for city use. Vehicle has had a range of around 40 miles and reached speeds up to 50 mph on test drives.


  • Advanced DC motor FB1-4001A
  • Curtis controller 1231C-8601
  • Zivan NG3 charger 230VAC input 144VDC output
  • Zivan DC-DC converter
  • First Inertia switch
  • Tilt bed
  • Electric heater
  • Power steering
  • 18-8V Exide deep cycle flooded lead-acid batteries
  • CD player

    Over $15,000 put into truck

    Located in Tucson