1995 Solectria E-10
professional conversion
SOLD! ($14,300 on 8/12/07)

This is a 1995 Chevrolet S10 Pick up that was converted when new in 1995 by Solectria Corporation in Wilmington MA USA. It is a Solectria E10 pick up, with two 144VDC BRUSA AMC325 controllers. These trucks are set up with two AC Motors driving a short drive shaft that is directly coupled to a heavy duty rear axle. Included is the following list of items: (2) BRUSA AMC325 controllers, these are set up for REGENERATIVE BRAKING - this allows the motors to recharge the batteries when you let off the accellerator and would normally brake. This system recovers and recharges about 15% of the energy used from the batteries. (2) AC motors (1) Magnecharger NOTE: this charger originally came with the truck but was set up for 144v Gel cell pack, I was unable to reprogram it for the 150V flooded pack installed so I removed it from the truck and have been using a home built "Bad Boy" charger to charge the pack. IT CANNOT BE USED TO CHARGE THE PACK WITHOUT REPROGRAMMING! Chargers are available on line. (25) Flooded T125 Trojan deep cycle batteries. NOTE: (22) of these are Brand New and only have about 5 cycles at 20% discharge (or 80% charge left in batteries) they still need to be broken in. The other (3) batteries are about 3 years old but still load test good. (1) Electric Power Steering Unit (1) Electric Air Conditioning Unit. This is a COLD unit that works well even in AZ. (1) Solectria Vacuum system to assist the Power Brakes. (1) Spare tire (1) EV power meter - this was installed originally but is presently not connected/working. EXTRA!!!!!Since I am not includeng a working Charger I have decided to include (1) SPARE CONTROLLER, This is an identical BRUSA AMC325 controller to the two that presently drive the truck! These listed for over $5,800.00 new. This is a working controller and is presently set up for left but can be switched to right side. These are hard to find. This truck is one of only around 25 built! It is truly a collectors item for the EV (Electric Vehicle) buff! It runs great and we have driven it for the last 3 years and never paid a cent for gasoline. It has a range from 35 to 50 miles per charge depending on how you drive and state of dischage you target. OK the big question, "why are you selling it if it is so great?" Ans. - "divorce". Since I am not a car dealer or buisines I am selling it as is. History: The truck was originally a fleet vehicle for the Arizona power company APS and I am the second owner that actually drove the truck. It has been in the Phoenix Az all of its driven life. It was in an accident in a parking lot and had front end damage. The damage was completely repaired and included all new sheet metal doghouse. The new doghouse is about 100 lbs lighter - this is good for mileage. A front end alignment has been completed and it drives great. The tires are worn and should be replaced. The paint is not the greatest but will get by for a while especially if it is a working truck. There is a dent on the top edge of the tailgate. Two battery boxes were added just in front of the motors to add 4 batteries. I have used it to haul loads such as cement from home depot - no problem. The front battery box was modified for the lead acid battery pack. The interior is in pretty good shape, the left visor needs some help and the head liner is drooping a little in the back. The seats are in good condition . This is a low mileage truck 25,500mi - No rust and minimum wear! The buyer is responsible for setting up the shipping for the vehicle. Sold As is. I will accept Certified checks and will wait until it clears the bank before the vehicle is shipped. Payment must be received within 7 days of winning bid. I have no reserve so there is no guessing if you have won it. Clear title. If you are a serious buyer and want to discuss it send me a phone number through ebay and I will call you during the day. OPTION: IF THE BUYER DOES NOT WANT THE LEAD ACID BATTERY PACK I AM WILLING TO REMOVE AND KEEP ALL 25 BATTERIES/CABLES AND DEDUCT $1000.00 FROM THE WINNING OFFER!!!