1973 Porsche 914
personal conversion (partial)
SOLD! ($6,500 on 4/20/07)

  • 120 VDC System
  • Manzanita Micro PFC20 Charger (link)
  • 9 Advanced DC Motor
  • Curtis 1231C Controller
  • BMW Front Brake Caliper Upgrade: (link)
  • 19mm Master Cylinder Upgrade: (link)
  • Brand New Tires

    This 914 Porsche is partially converted using an Electro Automotive VoltsPorsche Kit that currently sells for over $10k. In addition to the kit I also added an upgraded new charger which sells for around $1500. I started this conversion several years ago along with my son who also converted a 914 with the Electro Automotive Kit. He completed his car and drove it daily to work for 18 months. Using the components of the kit and the required 20 batteries, he was able to drive the car at least 50 miles per charge and believes he could have gone an additional 10 or 15 miles. Daily he drove the 101 Freeway 34 miles round trip between Scottsdale and Mesa at a speed of 65mph and had the car up to 70mph. Once completed, this car should follow with the same performance.

    As I am getting older and suffer from arthritis, I have had to give up the project. I would estimate that 70% of the conversion is done. The following is completed:
  • 9 Advanced DC Electric motor mated to transmission and installed
  • New clutch set installed
  • Controller installed
  • Engine compartment wiring completed
  • Front, middle and rear battery racks installed. Battery boxes installed
  • Circuit breaker installed
  • DC/DC Converter installed
  • Relay Mount wiring in forward compartment complete
  • Auxiliary 12v battery installed
  • Vent system for battery boxes partially installed

    The following still needs to be completed and instructions are detailed in kit manual:
  • Installation of upgraded onboard charger (included-see above)
  • Completion of forward battery compartment wiring
  • Completion of battery box fan and vent installation
  • Purchase and installation of batteries. The interior (upholstery, door panels and floor covering) still needs to be completed along with the installation of a new rear window (included). The body is in pretty good shape but will need to be repainted. I have purchased new bumper parts and those still need to be installed.