1971 Porsche 914
personal conversion
SOLD! ($8,995 on 2/11/07)

Converted with the Electro Automotive VoltsPorsche Kit

  • 120 VDC System
  • Manzanita Micro PFC20 Charger (link)
  • 9 Advanced DC Motor
  • Curtis 1231C Controller
  • BMW Front Brake Caliper Upgrade: (link)
  • 19mm Master Cylinder Upgrade: (link)
  • New Upholstery, Carpeting, and Paint

    "After converting this Porsche 914 I commuted 34 miles daily for 18 months between Scottsdale and Mesa on the 101. The furthest I ever drove it at one time was 50 miles and I believe that it would have gone an additional 10 or 15 miles. Daily I drove at least 65 mph and have had the car up to 70mph. Since I am getting older, I decided that A/C was a luxury I no longer could do without during the Arizona spring and summers. Perhaps someone more ingenious than I may be able to configure a system to fit into the car. The car runs well, but in hindsight I wish I had rebuilt the transmission during the restoration. The gasoline version of the car was not running when I bought it so I did not know the condition of the transmission. As it turned out, the transmission was functional and I was able to commute with it but the "driving experience" would be enhanced with new synchros and seals."

    "The car currently does not have functioning batteries. They were still working when I "retired" it but having sat unused, they now no longer take a charge. I debated about getting them replaced before trying to sell the car but then I would have to ask more for it. I used an Electro Automotive VoltsPorsche conversion kit (www.electoauto.com) that currently sells for over $10k for just the kit alone without car, restoration or batteries. In addition to the kit and the restoration of the car I also added a new charger which ran about $1200. The car has new upholstery and paint. I did not restore it to like new condition but it is a very nice looking vehicle considering its age. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have."

    The vehicle is located in Scottsdale. If interested, contact Jeff Toye at 480-368-9820 or eyotj2@cox.net.