1994 S-10 Extended Cab Pickup
professional conversion
SOLD! ($5,000 on 1/13/07)

This vehicle was converted by a local company for a high school in the valley.

Traction Motor: Advanced DC 4001 (series wound DC motor).
Batteries: 20 x Trojan T-145 flooded lead acid (dead).
Controller: DCP Raptor.
Charger: No charger. Formerly had an off-board 120V charger. Has Anderson connector in front grill.
Inverter/Converter: Sevcon 12/128 DC/DC converter.
Climate Control: No heat or air conditioning.
Drivetrain: Original 5-speed manual transmission. No clutch needed.
Instrumentation: Speedometer, state-of-charge gauge, battery pack voltage and aux voltage gauges, E-meter, tachometer.
Charging Time: 8 hours for a complete charge.
Top Speed: 70 miles per hour.
Vehicle Features: 2 door, flip bed allows full use of pickup bed (batteries are underneath in battery boxes with clear covers).

If interested, contact Bob Austin at 480-703-0591 or ymsinc@cox.net.