1997 GM S-10E
production vehicle
SOLD! ($15,000 on 12/23/07)
Traction Motor: 137 hp AC induction
Batteries: 26 x Panasonic 12V valve regulated lead acid (312 V pack)
Controller: GM/Hughes 100 kW
Charger: Hughes inductive wall-mount, 240 input (included)
Inverter/Converter: incorporated into controller/charger/inverter module
Air Conditioning: Compressor-driven air conditioning to batteries and cabin
Heating: Dual heaters - one heat pump, and one diesel fired heater modified to work at any temperature
Drivetrain: Specially developed front-wheel-drive w/ single-speed gearbox
Instrumentation: Speedometer, state-of-charge, pack voltage, auxiliary voltage, temperature, energy usage meter
Charging Time: 3.5-4.0 hours for a complete charge
Economy: 550 WHrs/mile
Top Speed: 70 miles per hour (governed)
0-50 mph: 9.9 seconds

Vehicle Features:
  • 2-door, longbed pickup, single-speed automatic
  • Cruise control, tilt steering
  • 4-wheel ABS and regenerative braking
  • Battery thermal management system
  • Full use of pickup bed - batteries are underneath
  • Sealed (maintenance-free) batteries
  • Tech assistance at no charge for one year
  • AM/FM CD stereo