1955 Kit Car VW Chassis Jeep
personal conversion
SOLD! ($8,000 on 1/18/06)

Kit Car VW chassis 1955 Jeep with 4 speed tranny. Curtis 120 volt controller with 2 cooling fans. 9 inch Advanced DC motor. 10 12v Trojan deep cycle wet cell batteries (about 2 years old). JC Whitney Jeep seats. Range about 30 miles. Room for more batteries or change to 6 volt high amp hour for more range. Very well built with torsion bars to stablize VW suspension. Has nice low center of gravity battery box under center of vehicle for very good high speed stable ride. AMP meter, volt meter and charge percentage. Speedometer. New tires earlier this year. Has a shade top and PVC roll cage looks. You could install real roll bars if needed. Over 14,000 invested and runs strong. It has lights, brakes, etc. and can be registered as a kit car manufactured vehicle, but has not been registered. Also it has front disc brakes and mag type wheeels that are black spoke american wheel type and look very sharp. The front windsheild has a crack in it on the drivers side.

Also included with the vehicle are crimp tools, a tow bar, battery jack, and various other items.