1981 Jet Electrica
professional conversion
SOLD! ($5,900 on 7/16/06)

The car is a 1981 Jet Electrica based on an Escort chassis. It is still at the original 96 volts and has fresh Trojan T-105s installed. It has been recently rewired with 2-0 welding cable using good tin plated terminals. It has a Curtis 1221B controller installed under the hood and charging is via the original Lester (96 & 12 volt), which has been removed from the car. The 12 volt loads are handled via an additional battery.

The car isn't rusty and the body is in good shape. Paint is fair but not great. Too much time in the Arizona sun.... The interior is in good shape for a car this age and is OK, IF you like red. The original Jet instrumentation doesn't work after removal of the original controller. The car has a homebuilt expanded scale volt meter and current meter mounted in place of the original instruments. I have the original gas heater but it has been removed from the car.

The car is in generally good condition. The brakes were rebuilt a couple of years back including all hardware, hydraulics and bearings at the rear. The front brakes had pads only at that time (didn't really need anything else) Shocks are fair but due to the weight of the car it is important to keep good shocks on it. Tires are good.

The car isn't perfect but it is a good solid example of the Jet series with the two known Jet shortfalls (controller and wiring) corrected.