1986 Pontiac Fiero
personal conversion
SOLD! ($3,100 on 9/3/05)
Vehicle Year/Make/Model: 1986 Pontiac Fiero 2ME, SE Solar Edition, 2-passenger, mid engine, it was a 2m6 (6 cylinder)
Motor Specifications: 9 diameter Advanced D.C. series-wound motor.
Batteries:168 V (2 strings of 84), 1.2 vdc Nicad wet cells, 550 lbs., Military BB600, 30 year life, not affected by cold.
Controller: Curtis 1221 72-120 vdc 400 amp, with fan for cooling.
Charger: On-board K&W Engineering transformerless charger, 120AC input.
Inverter/Converter: Sevcon 128 to 12 Vdc (no starter battery).
Drivetrain: Factory 5-speed manual transmission directly coupled to electric motor via adapters, rear wheel drive via factory drive shaft and differential.
Range: 20-30 miles per charge.
Charging Time: 1-2 hours on 120 VAC input at 20 amps.
Economy: 500 WHrs/mile (estimated).
GVW: Vehicle weight 2600 lbs original factory, now about 2700.
Cooler/Heater: Sun roof, evaportative KarKool, no heater needed in AZ.

The Fiero also has new front calipers and rotors.