1994 Chevy S-10 Pickup EV
personal conversion (partial)
SOLD! ($4,000 on 5/16/05)

NOTE: This is an UNFINISHED conversion! Some details...

  • 1994 white Chevrolet S-10 Pickup with only 5,612 miles on it!
  • 9" Advanced DC motor.
  • Borg Warner T5, 5-speed manual transmission.
  • Motor/transmission adapter kit.
  • Motor and transmission have been mated and installed.
  • Brand new Hurst shift lever.
  • Flywheel has been turned and balanced.
  • Brand new gas lift struts, to be used on tilt bed feature not yet fabricated.
  • 1994 S-10 Pickup/Blazer Factory Service Manual provided.
  • Motor clamp and brand new engine mounts provided. Adapter plates need fabrication.
  • Brand new master and slave cylinders, clutch and pressure plates, throwout bearing.
  • Brand new main contactor, magnet for tachometer sender, tachometer and tachometer sender unit.
  • Brand new voltmeter and ammeter for main battery pack.
  • Brand new voltmeter, ammeter and shunt for 12-volt system.
  • Brand new speedometer.
  • Brand new onboard charger, capable of 220 VAC input (has not yet arrived).
  • Brand new Todd 40 amp DC-DC converter.
  • Aluminum rear battery box (under pickup bed) fabricated. Needs lid and mounting brackets.
  • Aluminum middle battery box (under pickup bed) 75% fabricated. Needs lid. Mounting brackets complete.
  • Aluminum front battery box (under hood) fabricated. Needs lid and mounting brackets.
  • One used E-Meter.
  • Brand new E-Meter with EV filter and RS-232 interface, E-Meter temperature sensor, E-Meter pre-scaler and E-Meter DC-DC converter.
  • Brand new clutch master and slave cylinders, clutch plate, pressure plate and throwout bearing.