3-Wheel Recumbent Hybrid
personal conversion
SOLD! ($650 on 6/12/05)

"I have a 3 wheel recumbent electric/human powered hybrid that I'd like to sell or donate to a technology program. Pictures are attached. If you know of anyone who might be interested, let me know. It was built for the Tour de Arizona event that was cancelled a few years back."


  • New batteries
  • 1HP Scott PM motor (3HP peak)
  • 300A Curtis controller
  • 2 Trojan 50AH gell cells (now deceased, but Jesse has plenty)
  • E-meter
  • Magura twist grip throttle
  • Steer by leaning
  • Motorcycle steering damper for improved stability
  • Speedometer
  • Front coaster brake
  • 2 rear V brakes
  • Top speed 34mph, but not recommended to go over 25
  • Extra 100 PSI rear tires also included (for reduced rolling resistance)
  • Estimated maximum range- 40-50 miles at 20-25mph (never actually tested but have gone around 28 miles once with plenty of juice still left).