Arizona State University
Formula Lightning Electric Formula Car
custom race car
Vehicle Year/Make/Model: 1994 Formula Lightning style purpose-built chassis
Placed in Service: Fall, 1994
Production Vehicle or Conversion: neither - custom-built electric formula car
Motor Specifications: dual Advaced D.C. series-wound, 8" diameter DC motors with custom endbells
Batteries: 24 x 6V Nickel-Cadmium 140 Ah traction batteries
Controller: IGBT-driven "Zilla" controller by Electric Vehicle Components, Ltd. (EVCL)
Charger: Standard battery charger
Inverter/Converter: 12 V auxiliary battery
Drivetrain: belt drive to a Porsche 914 5-speed manual transmission

Range: 10-20 miles at full-speed
Charging Time: battery pack exhange in 25 seconds (charging n/a)
Economy: 2 battery packs depleted per race (15-30 mile races)