1997 GM S-10E
production vehicle
SOLD! ($10,900 on 1/29/05)

This vehicle was developed by General Motors with the same advanced drive system found in the EV1 and is one of less than 45 in private hands. The truck currently has 23,600 miles on it, and is good for 40-65 miles of range, depending upon the driving conditions. This truck is in very nice and clean condition. The battery pack has not been below an indicated 48% state of charge since it was new and the vehicle has been driven for the best range at all times has not been ran hard.

Traction Motor: 137 Hp AC induction
Batteries: 26 x Panasonic 12V valve regulated lead acid (312 V pack) - new at 5000 mi.
Charger: Hughes inductive wall-mount, 240 input (included)
Drivetrain: Specially developed front-wheel-drive w/ single-speed gearbox
Charging Time: 5-6 hours for a complete charge
Economy: 470 WH-AC/mile
Energy Cost: 4.70 cents/mile (at 10 cents/kWh)
Air Conditioning: Compressor-driven air conditioning to batteries and cabin
Heating: Dual heaters: one ceramic element and one diesel-fired heater, automatically selected based on ambient temperature
Instrumentation: Speedometer, state-of-charge, pack voltage, auxiliary voltage, temperature, energy usage meter


  • Updated to 1999 and newer front end looks like the last S-10s made never offered on the S-10E
  • S-10 Alloy wheels never offered on the electric
  • Goodyear Energy Efficient tires
  • Full-bed white tonneau cover (reduce price by $1000 if not desired)
  • Rear composite roll pan saves weight and smooth appearance from rear of vehicle
  • Front bumper/air dam painted to match vehicle
  • New rear-view mirrors
  • Full-size spare mounted under bed behind the rear axle like a standard S-10
    Vehicle Features:
  • 2-door, longbed pickup, single-speed automatic
  • Cruise control, tilt steering
  • 4-wheel ABS and regenerative braking
  • Battery thermal management system
  • Full use of pickup bed - batteries are underneath
  • Sealed (maintenance-free) batteries

    Top Speed: 70 miles per hour (governed)
    0-50mph: 9.9 seconds
    Odometer: 23,600 miles