1957 Henney Kilowatt
professional conversion
SOLD! ($5,000 on 4/12/05)

"It was built by the Eureka Williams Vacuum Cleaner co. of Bloomington, Ill. I was told it was one of three protypes built in 1957. We were told that there was only 200 cars built from 1957 to 1961 by them. And there is only about 20 of them left. It runs on 72 volt system and can be recharged overnight. Has orginal charging system. The range is about 40 miles. And it gets about 45mph. It was made using a renault dauphine body and chassis. The car has always been electric. The car weights 2245lbs. It was restored in 1997 by us. It is purple and lavender in color. It is a real nice car."