1995 S-10 Extended Cab Pickup
professional conversion
SOLD! ($7,500 on 2/12/04)

1995 Chevy S-10 Extended Cab Pickup Conversion. I fished for months and now I'm ready to sell!. Converted in 2000 using 9" Advanced DC motor, Raptor 1200 Amp racing controller, 20 Trojan T-875 8 volt deep cycle batteries in a battery box in pickup box with aluminum diamond plate cover, gets about 30 miles usable range at street speeds, rubber lined battery box, onboard 120 Volt 20 Amp Zivan battery charger, designed for 2nd Zivan charger as a slave to halve the charging time, 30 amp 160 to 14 VDC converter, e-Meter, tachometer, standard S-10 AIR CONDITIONING COMPRESSOR run off of main propulsion motor with electric fan on A/C condensor. Result is very cold air even at the stoplights! (clutch in and some RPMs of course) 12 Volt vacuum pump, electric heat, suspension air bags added to rear to handle battery weight, Chevy anti-sway bars, and what am I forgetting? 5 speed transmission, chrome wheels, manual steering, manual locks and windows, sprayed in bedliner, body and upholstery in good shape, buddy seats. 7,500 miles on conversion and very nice new Michelin LTX M/S premium tires. 110,000 miles on S-10. Used to commute 20 miles into town for work, charged it up completely in 6 hours on free power from the company, and then back 20 miles to home with spare capacity to run to the store, school, etc. a few times. 160 Volt nominal pack provides more than enough power (much more power than when it had the gasoline motor in it!!) BATTERY PACK REPLACED AUGUST 2003 - Battery pack cost was $1000 - not $3,000 or more like most GM or Ford EVs. Conversion cost $20,000 and is very well done and has been extremely reliable. I'm selling it because I no longer commute into work (telecommuting!) and when I do have to drive to work, it is 70 to 80 miles round trip. We're still using it every day for short trips, keeping it charged up and ready for it's new owner.