1978 Datsun King Cab
personal conversion
SOLD! ($4,500 on 11/9/01)

Batteries: 20 x 6V Trojan T-125 modules
Motor: Advanced D.C. 9" DC series-wound
Motor Control: Curtis Instruments 1231-C w/ cooling fan
Brakes: Power-assisted via 120V vacuum pump
Payload Capacity: 1,500 pounds
Electrical System: 12V system via belt-driven alternator
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Meters: Xantrex E-Meter and analog meter
Top Speed: 70 miles per hour
Range: 40-50 miles, depending on driving conditions
Charger: Onboard, 120 V input

Vehicle Features:

  • Camper shell
  • Clean body (no rust or dents)
  • New paint
  • New upholstery, carpet, and headliner
  • New tires and Whitespoke wheels
  • Payload deck in bed
  • AM-FM cassette stereo
  • Tinted windows
  • Looks good, runs great!