1993 Ford Escort Wagon LX
professionally-built conversion
SOLD! ($10,200 on 7/21/04)

This is one of several professionally converted EVcort vehicles from the Soleq corporation. A brand new battery pack has been installed in this vehicle! While the vehicle itself has just over 10,000 miles on it, the new battery pack has less than a mile on it! It is important to note that the battery pack will last three times as long if used regularly (the previous pack was not used regularly). The vehicle comes complete with an Owner's Manual and schematics, both from Soleq. The picture above and the pictures shown in the link below are of a similar EVcort. The one being sold here still has lettering on the side of the vehicle.

  • Information on driving range, gearing, and typical current draws: click here.
  • Additional pictures: click here.

    Traction Motor: GE compole, separately excited, shunt wound motor w/ cooling fan
    Controller: 200 A x 2 (armature), 20 A (field), low battery cutout
    Running Control: 2-phase x 200 A = 400 A, 800 Hz
    Regenerative Braking: 2 stages, proportional, total regeneration with an up-chopper, rated at 0-200 A at top 3/4" of brake pedal
    Charger: 120 VAC input, 30/20/16 A selectable output, temperature compensated, charger safety interlock, GFI protected
    Batteries: 18 x Sonnenschein DF6-180 6V Dryfit flat plate gelled-electrolyte modules
    Capacitor Bank: 200 A ripple rate for running and braking
    DC-DC Converter: 40 A, temperature compensated, current limited
    Auxiliary Battery: 12 V, 12 Ah maintenance-free battery
    Heating: 3kW DC powered, electronic, thermostat controlled
    Stand-by Heating: Powered by the charger's AC supply

    Analog Instrumentation: Speedometer, tachometer, state-of-charge gauge
    LED displays: Battery voltage, battery current
    Controls: Regen switch (three-position), regen voltage, regen current, coast regen, low battery voltage, acc span
    Indicator LEDs: Control logic on, control logic off, armature chopping, low voltage, high voltage, high temperature

    Vehicle Features:
  • 4-door, hatchback w/ cargo room, 5-speed manual
  • Improved springs and alignment components
  • Power brakes, windows, and mirrors
  • Interior in excellent condition
  • AM/FM cassette
  • Fully-enclosed battery boxes
  • Sealed (maintenance-free), gelled-electrolyte batteries
  • On-board charger and watthour meter
  • 350 A main power disconnect
  • Center Line wheels

    Top Speed: 70+ miles per hour (in 3rd gear)
    Odometer: ~10,200
    Price: The first $10,200 offer takes this vehicle, new battery pack and all!