1992 Ford Escort Wagon LX
professionally-built conversion
SOLD! ($8,000 on 10/13/02)

This vehicle, professionally converted by the Soleq Corporation of Chicago, Illinois, includes many of the features you wouldn't expect from a converted vehicle! Originally developed as a series of vehicles for Department of Energy tests, the EVcort by Soleq is a truly reliable and remarkable vehicle. This vehicle comes complete with an Owner's Manual and schematics, both from Soleq.

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    Traction Motor: GE compole, separately excited, shunt wound motor w/ cooling fan
    Controller: 200 A x 2 (armature), 20 A (field), low battery cutout
    Running Control: 2-phase x 200 A = 400 A, 800 Hz
    Regenerative Braking: 2 stages, proportional, total regeneration with an up-chopper, rated at 0-200 A at top 3/4" of brake pedal
    Charger: 120 VAC input, 30/20/16 A selectable output, temperature compensated, charger safety interlock, GFI protected
    Batteries: 18 x Sonnenschein DF6-180 6V Dryfit flat plate gelled-electrolyte modules
    Capacitor Bank: 200 A ripple rate for running and braking
    DC-DC Converter: 40 A, temperature compensated, current limited
    Auxiliary Battery: 12 V, 12 Ah maintenance-free battery
    Air Conditioning: Inverter driven, twin hermetically sealed compressors w/ cabin thermostat
    Heating: 3kW DC powered, electronic, thermostat controlled
    Stand-by Cooling/Heating: Powered by the charger's AC supply

    Analog Instrumentation: Speedometer, tachometer, state-of-charge gauge
    LED displays: Battery voltage, battery current
    Controls: Regen switch (three-position), regen voltage, regen current, coast regen, low battery voltage, acc span
    Indicator LEDs: Control logic on, control logic off, armature chopping, low voltage, high voltage, high temperature

    Vehicle Features:
  • 4-door, hatchback w/ cargo room, 5-speed manual
  • Improved springs and alignment components
  • Power brakes, windows, and mirrors
  • Interior in excellent condition
  • AM/FM cassette
  • Fully-enclosed battery boxes
  • Sealed (maintenance-free), gelled-electrolyte batteries
  • On-board charger and watthour meter
  • 350 A main power disconnect
  • Center Line wheels

    Top Speed: 70+ miles per hour (in 3rd gear)
    Odometer: 14,400 miles
    Price: Make offer!