1985 Mazda RX7
future conversion
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I'd like to list my car for sale. Its a mazda rx7 prepared to become an ev. All somebody needs to do is drop all the electric parts into it. Yes, everything is out. Took me lot of work to prep the car. I'm selling the car itself, basically just the shell with tires and trany. Its got a coupler for my electric motor. But if somebody has their own coupler I can take it out. If they wanna keep it and get the motor from me the motor would be an extra 300.- its an old motor but it works perfectly. The controller I've bought from open revolt for 1500.- if somebody needs it. Its new, never hooked up, never been used. I don't have a pic of the actual car. But got one from the Internet which has the same color and body style. Its a 1985 mazda rx7 two seater. Free and clear title. new tires as well.

Listed 10/28/12