1991 Jaguar XJS
future conversion
(See Details)

Weighs about 3800 lbs with big V12 engine & huge automatic transmission.we estimate 600 lbs lighter without them and all the gasoline related stuff removed .which we will replace with a high torque 11 inch electric motor, controller and 24 Thunder Sky Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries and a simple three speed tranny. no clutch required. We anticipate over 100 mile range, exceptional performance to match the Jaguar good looks and none of the mantenance headaches normally associated with keeping Jaguar engines running well.and virtually no maintenance.plus Zero Pollution at $0.80 equivalent gas cost.

$29,999.95 (converted)
$5,000 (as-is in Orlando, FL)
$7,000 (shipped to Phoenix, AZ)

Think of your bragging rights at the club house ! !

Don Eyermann
480-985-5750 Hm
480-516-6487 Cell
480-924-9731 Fax


Listed 1/2/09, Refreshed 5/26/12